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Author: Mark Teague,Shana Corey
ISBN13: 978-0439266338
Title: First Graders From Mars
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Language: English
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Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks; 1st edition (August 1, 2002)
Pages: 32

First Graders From Mars by Mark Teague,Shana Corey

Illustrated by Mark Teague. Horus was excited about starting first grade. UNTIL he discovered there were no slime tables, no snooze mats, and no snacks. UNTIL he got put in the Beta reading group instead of the Alpha. The familiar story of a first-grader’s first-day-of-school anxiety gets a cosmic boost in this title set on Mars. The reassuring, simple text, printed in large type suitable for beginning readers, is filled with hilarious space terms standing in for familiar school phrases, and Teague’s wonderfully imagined illustrations extend the galactic jokes and make Horus and his classmates irresistible. A great, lighthearted choice for nervous students, who will look forward to a sequel.

Shana Corey (Author), Mark Teague (Illustrator). Book 1 of 4 in the First Graders from Mars Series. Ideal for a 5~7 year-old. The only negative thing I can say about Shana Corey's "First Graders from Mars" series is that it's WAY too short. My daughter and I have all four and have read them until they're ragged. especially for a bedtime story.

First Graders From Mars book. First Graders From Mars: Episode The Problem With Pelly. First Graders From Mars by. Shana Corey

Illustrated by Mark Teague. On your mark, get set, blast off! It’s Martian Health Week, and Pod 1 is learning about the 450 food groups. They are practicing the 100-meteor dash. They all want to be ready for the space race. Only poor Nergal is a nervous wreck.

Mark Teague is an American author and illustrator of children's books. Mark Teague was born in 1963. He grew up in San Diego, California, and went to college at UC Santa Cruz. When he was a child, he started writing books before he could even write

First graders from mars. Episode 1: Horus’s Horrible Day. by Shana Corey & illustrated by Mark Teague. 2000), offers Episode 1 of the First Graders from Mars series, which describes Horus’s reluctance to leave his martiangarten days behind to move on to first grade. He slurps his soup with the wrong tentacle, tangles with an overly confident Martian girl named Tera, and lands in the Beta reading group (rather than the Alpha group with nemesis Tera).

by Shana Corey and Mark Teague. Together they've authored a charming story with a gentle, reassuring message that won't be lost on young readers. First Graders From Mars is a super book for kids ages 4-8. It will become a staple for parents sending kids off to first grade and for first grade teachers welcoming Kindergarten graduates for the first time (Martiangarten Grads too!) he's a kid through an through! Corey has crafted a fast-paced, easy-to-read story that gels!!

First graders from Mars. by Corey, Shana; Teague, Mark, illustrator. Publication date 2002.

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First graders from Mars. 1st ed. by Shana Corey. Published 2003 by Scholastic Press in New York. Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with: WorldCat.

Those irresistible martians are back w/ more made-up martian words (Yabay!), cosmic health & fitness & a gentle message a/b trying. Great for beginning readers & all the small worriers in our universeThe first graders of Pod 1 are buzzing: It's Martian Health Week! They are learning about the 450 food groups. They are practicing for the space race. Only poor Nergal is so nervous he ties himself into knots (literally!). With help from his teacher, parents, and podmates he learns that nobo-one is good at everything, and what matters is that he try his martian best.Shana Corey and Mark Teague add another warmhearted, funny installment to their martian chronicles, with a reminder that being nervous is normal--even on Mars.
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When my grandson was 5 we discovered these books at our local library. We checked the series out frequently because he liked them so much. He's now 13.

This summer I took my 7 year old granddaughter to the library for these books (She just finished 1st grade) and they were GONE! So I immediately check Amazon and found all 4 of series.

They are just silly, nonsensical kid friendly stories that address issues of being different, but wanting to fit in.

I will keep these for my next granddaughter who just turned a year old last week. We always have to have books for all age levels around this gramma's house because we always end our day with story time!
The illustrations are as cute as the stories. There is a specific moral/lesson in each, but it is not forced at all. The length is also perfect for bedtime stories.

I found one of the books at the library and immediately went online and bought the set. Money very well spent.

The only negative about the "First Graders from Mars" series is that there are only four books. If there were enough of them, I'm pretty sure my daughter would pick one for each book report for the next few years.
Ideal for a 5~7 year-old.

The only negative thing I can say about Shana Corey's "First Graders from Mars" series is that it's WAY too short. My daughter and I have all four and have read them until they're ragged. Length, illustrations and storyline are perfect... especially for a bedtime story.

It would be difficult to pick a favorite, but there's really no point: Just buy all four. You'll be glad you did.
My son really likes it and related to the story.
I think this is a funny book. The aliens fly around in cups and have tenacles and all sorts of alien stuff that makes it fun to read. It's funny that they are aliens going to school. I hope she writes a Second Graders from Mars. And then Third Graders from Mars.
We picked this book up from out public library.

Loved this book, when I saw it at the library I thought it was perfect for my first grader. And of course he thought so as well.
You have Horus who is now a first grader and he is so excited to start until he realizes it is not like Martiangarten (which is kindergarten). He wants to stay home until he meets a new friend and he ends up showing Pelly around.
The story was awesome and teaches that you should try new things and not be scared. You may have fun.
My son's favorite parts were when Horus stayed in bed because he did not want to go to school. And the ending where him and Pelly became friends and went to first grade together.
My favorite part was when Horus's mom dragged Horus to school there are times that I have had to drag my little guy to school so I can relate. He doesn't like school either until he gets there and decides oh it is not too bad here. This is a great introduction to sci-fi books being as you are reading about aliens and the story is funny. A great read for I would say first graders being as they may be able to relate to Horus.
Horus couldn't wait to get to his first grade class in Pod 1. But once there, he was confused. Where was the slime table and the snooze mats and what time was snack? "First graders are too big for those things," another student informs him and Horus realizes he's not in martiangarten anymore. First grade is work, work, work, from reading to art to math problems and Horus is hungry and tired and cranky when his mother picks him up from school. How was your first day, she wants to know. "Horrible. I'm not going back!" Unfortunately, he finds out that this decision is out of his hands (or in his case tentacles), when his folks literally drag him back to school the next morning. There he finds a new little alien crying big blue tears. She's afraid school will be terrible, Horus agrees and scary, no argument there, and the teacher will be mean and the work too hard. But as Horus remembers his first day he tells her, the teacher was very nice and helpful and the work is hard, but not too hard, you can do it. Horus has a new friend, a friend who feels just like he did yesterday and needs him to help show her the ropes. So together they march inside, ready for whatever comes their way..... Shana Corey has written a delightful and humorous story that many first graders will relate to. Her simple and realistic text, complete with silly Martian language, really captures the essence of a little one moving from the safe world of kindergarten to the big unknown of first grade and is complemented by Mark Teaque's funny, expressive, colorful artwork. Together they've authored a charming story with a gentle, reassuring message that won't be lost on young readers. Perfect for kids 5-8, First Graders From Mars is just right for beginning readers and also makes a wonderful read aloud story the entire family can enjoy.
Horus is crushed when he realizes how different 1st grade is from martiangarten. He doesn't want to go back, but an encounter with another horrified 1st grader helps both Horus and the new girl gather the courage to go to school.

A good one for kids suffering from firstgradeitis or for preparing kids for the differences between kindergarten and 1st grade.