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Author: Jim Boucher,etc.,Ann Douglas,Valerie Ellis
ISBN13: 978-1857580730
Title: Starting Out in Mathematics: 7-8 Years Bk. 1 (Project 7-11)
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Language: English
Category: Education and Reference
Publisher: Letts Educational (January 1994)
Pages: 32

Starting Out in Mathematics: 7-8 Years Bk. 1 (Project 7-11) by Jim Boucher,etc.,Ann Douglas,Valerie Ellis

Starting Out in Mathematics: 7-8 Years Bk. 1 (Project 7-11): ISBN 9780850978346 (978-0-85097-834-6) Softcover, Letts Educational, 1989. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. Coauthors & Alternates.

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Designed to offer guided active exploration of the topics and skills taught for the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2, this book aims to encourage enthusiasm for learning, build confidence and independence and offers opportunities for parental encouragement and involvement. The book includes a note to parents and a chart showing how the various activities relate to National Curriculum topics and attainment targets, topic/skill spreads with practical activities and pen and paper exercises with guidance from cartoon characters and an answer bank to help with checking.