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Author: Dudley Wynne,Enid Blyton
ISBN13: 978-0861635399
Title: The Secret of Spiggy Holes (Enid Blyton's secret island series)
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Language: English
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Publisher: Award Publications Ltd; New edition edition (September 30, 1992)
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The Secret of Spiggy Holes (Enid Blyton's secret island series) by Dudley Wynne,Enid Blyton

The Secret Series is a series of adventure novels written by Enid Blyton. There are five books, as follows: The Secret Island. The Secret of Spiggy Holes. The Secret of Killimooin (Retitled as The Secret Forest). The Secret of Moon Castle. A sixth book in the series, The Secret Valley, was written by Trevor J. Bolton and published by Award in 2009.

Enid Blyton (Author),‎ Dudley Wynne (Illustrator),‎ Val Biro (Illustrator) & 0 more. Book 2 of 5 in the Secret Series. The Secret Island Paperback. The Secret Valley (Secret Series) Paperback. The Secret Island (Secret Series) Paperback.

Most of Blyton's fiction consists of mystery or adventure stories, though schools and circuses form the settings of others. Her Famous Five, Secret Seven, and Mystery series of books were widely read, and in the 1950s her Little Noddy series, featuring the adventures of Little Noddy, Mr. Plod the policeman, Big Ears, and other characters of Toyland Village, enjoyed enormous popularity and made her a household name. Blyton's books feature clearly delineated good and bad characters and have exciting plots that illustrate traditional moral lessons

Shop with confidence. Title: The Secret of Killimooin (Enid Blyton's secret island series) Item Condition: used item in a good condition. Author: Enid Blyton, Dudley Wynne ISBN 10: 086163537X The Secret of Killimooin (Enid Blyton's secret island series), Blyton, Enid, Ver. £. 9.

In Enid Blyton's classic Secret Stories mystery always leads to adventure. Mike, Peggy, Nora and Jack are having a lovely summer at the Cornish seaside. While out exploring the Spiggy Holes caves, they discover a secret passage leading to the Old House on the cliff. But when they encounter the Old House's horrid new owner, the children are convinced he is hiding some secrets of his own.

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The Secret of Spiggy Holes. The children, reunited with their parents again (and Jack now adopted as part of the family), go on holiday at the rugged Cornish coast with a family friend, Miss Dimity ("Dimmy", who would appear in several further books in the series), and get drawn into a kidnapping case as they discover a boy being held prisoner in a castle tower nearby. The boy turns out to be the Prince of Baronia, Paul, whom they rescue in due course, and protect as the kidnappers come after him in pursuit.

Like for other series of hers, Enid Blyton earns her spurs during description of coastlines and caves and secret passages. The various forgotten routes and secret mechanisms to activate doors are maturely exposed and I feel I cannot really write as good as a detailed story myself. So it's confirmed that Enid Blyton is a better storyteller than me. But I knew that already! The plot is about a dark young Prince being kidnapped  . One of Enid Blyton's best series. likely a bit dated now but what a fun read! I have just reread the books in the series as an adult. These books were written in the 1940s, so perspectives, behaviors portrayed are obviously different.

Reviews: 7
Excellent book! Love that they re-visit the Secret Island again at the end of the book.
My favorite childhood book and I wanted to share it with my daughter....in very good shape+
Fun read for youngsters. Love reading and sharing my childhood memories with my kids!
My kids LOVE Enid Blyton books. They interesting and suspenseful and they always wanted me to keep on reading. Great for kids!
Good Read


Enid’s early works include the ‘Secret’ books about Peggy, Mike, Nora and Jack. They were the catalyst which encouraged me to start reading more than 50 years ago. Thank you, Enid.

The BBC, many public libraries, local authorities and alleged educational experts have been completely wrong about the worth of the Blyton works. I can remember having substantial difficulty obtaining the original versions of the books. Quite a few shops would not stock them then but they were wonderful stories for teenagers! The tales are great to read for their simplicity and straightforwardness.

When one did find copies of the book they were quite expensive all those years ago but great to own. I loved the physical appearance of the books as well which I treasured as a youngster with the way in which the books were produced then making them somehow much easier to read.

It’s a delight to read these stories of adventure again in middle age although recent editing has diminished some of the memories I have of the original editions and words used then (but I am now getting old).

Never mind… these books remain one of my best friends for life: they began my own reading adventure so do read these special adventures for yourselves.
Still In Mind
This is Enid Blyton at her best. I read this book in grade 5, almost 30 years ago, and I still remembered the title to search for it for my own kids. This was a book I just couldn't put down. A recent visit to the rugged coast of southwest England brought the memories of this book flooding back. Even though I'd never seen such coastline at the age of 10, I could imagine it well from her vivid descriptions.
I read this book when I think I was in grade 6 or 7th back in 1985 or so . Infact this was my first novel and after that I read it at least 4-5 times.As I read this book I felt as everything is happening in front of me just a right mix of suspence/drama for the kids brain. but I am sure even today I can read it in 2 days. I would definitely get this for my daughter in next couple of years.