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Author: Wayne Gisslen
ISBN13: 978-0471357346
Title: Professional Baking
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Language: English
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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc; 3rd edition (February 15, 2001)
Pages: 208

Professional Baking by Wayne Gisslen

Wayne Gisslen balances his practical knowledge with a clean, methodical, and pedagogical approach, making this book a lifetime reference. The flexible format of Professional Baking is the reason we consider it the best textbook for promoting good theory and practice. Plus, it has the adaptability to be used worldwide. We feel this book is a necessary tool for both the professional and the home kitchen.

Wayne Gisslen's Professional Baking is unmatched in covering the art, science, and skills of baking practice. It has served for many years as the cornerstone guide for baking and pastry professionals, serious home bakers, and culinary students, giving them the know-how and methods to take their technique to the next level.

Focused on both understanding and performing, its goal is to provide students and working chefs with a solid theoretical and practical foundation in baking practices, including selection of ingredients, proper mixing and baking techniques, careful makeup and assembly, and skilled and imaginative decoration and presentation in a straight-forward, learner-friendly style. Professional Cooking for Canadian Chefs.

Professional Baking book. You probably won't have need for another baking book once you get this, because Wayne Gisslen's Professional Baking is as comprehensive as it gets.

Professional Baking 6th. Baking is one of the most seasoned occupations of humankind. Since early ancient individuals made the move from roaming seekers to settled gatherers and agriculturists, grains have been the most imperative nourishments to support human life, regularly almost th e main sustenances. The calling that today incorporates heating artisan sourdough breads and collecting exquisite baked goods and sweets started a huge number of years back with the gathering of wild grass seeds and the crushing of those seeds between stones.

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Personal Name: Gisslen, Wayne, 1946-. The text continues to comprehensively cover baking basics while also offering enhanced coverage of higher-level techniques such as pastry, chocolate, and sugar work. Balancing theory and practice, Professional Baking provides both the understanding and performance abilities needed to progress and develop in a successful baking career", Provided by publisher

Reviews: 7
I am in culinary school and this is the required text for our classes. After hours of researching online, and even taking the time to call the publisher, I finally decided to take a risk by buying this "Trade" version rather than the "College Version," offered here on Amazon and in our school's bookstore. Rest assured! This book is EXACTLY the same as the "College Version," but it doesn't include the CulinarE Companion CD (which our school does not utilize anyway)! I even had the instructors at school ask the publisher about the differences, and they admitted that there are none! All of the recipes and page numbers match up identically. Save yourself the $36+ dollars and buy this version instead of getting ripped off by a marketing scam to get more money out of students by calling a book the "College Version" - I'm glad I did!

We are just getting into the book, so I can't offer too much of an opinion, but from what I've seen so far, I'm impressed! I just wanted to add my review so that hopefully another student like myself can save some money. I hope it helps!
This book introduces you for those who are students from culinary schools, or professionals who work as a line or prep cook, aspiring chefs working in restaurants, hotels, universities and companies. A great introduction to cooking which is a comprehensive guide to cook a variety of ingredients, making great food with classic flavor combinations, and great recipes to include in your menu. So when you apply it at work, it takes practice, your own instincts and experience. Then next time, when you are using those techniques, methods- you will know what to expect and control to make great tasting food better.
This edition doesn't include the Culinary-E Online program from Wiley. That's why the cost is affordable. But I don't think you need it because the recipes and techniques are important when working as a culinary professional. Don't be afraid to taste as soon as your product has achieved good taste, and balances all of the components you mixed, cooked,etcetera.
The book content is awesome, very well written and explanations are very good. Some sections need to be read several times because there is so much information in each phrase that you are probably missing additional useful content. Still easy to read though.

A few things to take into consideration before purchasing: This book is pretty big and heavy physically, so I went for the Kindle version. while it is a book printout and you can't get the nice features of a real Kindle book. It's still alright if you can live with it, which is my case.

The 4/5 stars is because the physical version comes with a code to download a menu-making software that the electronic version doesn't have (as it comes as a separate piece of paper). You can only get it with the physical version or purchase the code separately for 40$. Not a good deal in my opinion.
Good textbook for culinary students. There is a lot of info between the hard covers. Not all the recipes are fabulous, but are a teaching moment.

Have used this for all my culinary lab classes.

It is important to check with the instructor as with this edition there was a quantity change for several recipes.

The prior edition made a larger quantity of some recipes. Several classmates opted for the lower cost and purchase of the earlier edition ending up with difficulty in completing the assignments when having to scale the recipe because the older version made double and the instructor asked for the quantity provided with the current edition of the book as the required text.
Love this book. Great condition! Cheaper than the 7th edition but more pictures and tons of info for the home cook trying to become a cook. Also teaches nutrition for those that want to know “what the health” is up with food.
Easy to follow even a home cook can make these receipes. We use this book religiously in class. Its a wealth of information, offers variations to recipes and classic ways of doing it.
I discovered cooking through a Great Courses program from The Teaching Company and wanted to further my education (you should get that course). This book is HUGE! It covers everything. However, if you don't already know a little about cooking, its format can lose you. Here's how I am using it: I find a recipe for a complete dinner I like and then I find the references to the techniques required in this book. After some study and note taking, I am ready to cook. The book is really formatted for having a cooking teacher. I can't use it that way. For example, the chapter cutting and chopping food is great, but you will never do all that cutting and chopping for any meal. So, if you need to cut up carrots for a meal, go to that section and learn what to do - skip the rest. Also, I found the website software a waste. Maybe I just don't know how to use it properly, but for me it's worthless. Final analysis, if you want a complete text to improve your cooking, buy this book and you will always have a resource that tells you what to do. The next time a recipe uses some strange word, turn to the index, find the page, study, and cook. The results? Delicious!
A book that surprised me. Its big...but its a lot of helpfull information. Ok is totally devoted do US kitchens, but some techniques you can use anywere, and also you can change ingredients (in Brazil there are not so many stuff).
I would recomend it. The only negative part is that the card that comes with it does not give access to the site, and its impossible to check the videos and tutorials in the net if you are not registered on a University that is listed there.