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Publisher: Richard d Irwin; 1st edition (January 1, 1992)
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Retailing Management (MCGRAW HILL/IRWIN SERIES IN MARKETING) by Michael Levy

McGraw-Hill/Irwin, New York, 2012. 710 p. Retailing is a high-tech, global, growth industry that plays a vital economic role in society. The textbook focuses on the strategic issues facing the retail industry and provides a current, informative, good read for students. We are very excited to introduce Connect Marketing for Retailing Management, 8e. While you may have seen Connect Marketing with other McGraw-Hill products, this is the first time it is offered for Retailing Management.

McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Marketing.

book by Michael Levy. Retailing Management by Levy and Weitz is the best-selling textbook in the retailing market. Excellent reference, great cases, course textbok. com User, June 12, 2008. This is an excellent reference book for retail management. It covers most issues, the classic situations and the current ones. It is a must-read for your store manager.

Retail Management A Strategic Approach by Barry Berman Joel R. Retailing Managementby Michael Levy, Barton A Weitz Ajay Pandit. manager jobs or retail merchandiser jobs in India.

Retailing Management book. 007115387X (ISBN13: 9780071153874).

Entertainment in Retailing - Niketown, Bass Pro Shop, Mall of America.

Retailing Management by Levy and Weitz continues to be the market-leading text for the retailing course through its readability, organization, and emphasis on how students can come to grips with real retailing issues while being able to solve problems. The text's logical decision-making focus allows students to discover the process of strategic decisions first before moving on to implementation. Collapse Availability.

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Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 1998. Retailing management. M Levy, BA Weitz, D Grewal. Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 1998. Customer experience management in retailing: an organizing framework. D Grewal, M Levy, V Kumar. Journal of retailing 85 (1), 1-14, 2009.

Retailing Management. Product Details +., Focuses on key strategic issues, such as globalization, merchandise and store management, and corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on financial considerations and practical implementation. Teaches social media and mobile channel usage for communicating with customers and enhancing shopping experiences.

Reviews: 7
One of the best books ever written for understanding marketing positioning and strategy today. One of the easiest and most enjoyable reads for executives, business strategists, and others who don't spend their whole working day in marketing. Fast, concise, well illustrated with images and words. Clients pay me $5,000 to $24,000 per engagement to figure out for their businesses and explain to them what Ries and Trout teach here. Don't tell them 'Marketing Warfare' can still be found! :)

Caveat: the work was produced in the mid 80's, using industry and company examples very familiar to Americans at that time. Some are just as familiar today; others require thinking back to that time and place to get the full value. The examples are so effective that it is worth reading a little background if you don't remember (or didn't live through) them. Moreover, this is an American perspective, from a time when many of the products and companies analysed commanded their first world markets. It is no less relevant to European or Asian readers, but may be less familiar. It likely has less relevance to markets that are not largely free, competitive or uncontrolled.

Sadly, the 20th anniversary edition really doesn't seem to update the work to much advantage. The opportunity existed to use 21st century contests and discuss the same truths with currently familiar marketing campaigns. Though a few sidebars with more recent situations were added (Carly Fiorina as CEO of HP, Jack Welsh's book 'Winning', etc.), the core text's examples remain the same. A huge opportunity lost.
Regardless of whether you like the "warfare" analogies or not, the concepts discussed in this book is Marketing 101 for marketers.

First Ries/Trout explain which method of attack your company should use depending on its position in the marketplace. Then they describe what each position should do. Then they use some great classic case studies like the beer wars, cola wars, and computer wars.

Usually I hate these "outdated" books but the content in here is classic. They've updated the book and critiqued their own predictions made 20 years ago. For example, with over 50% of the PC marketshare, they were certain that IBM would remain the leader. Ooops.

Highly recommended for marketers.
Another great hit by Trout and Ries, on this one they go beyond the bascis by also providing fundamental concepts and strategies to play in the market based on your product's strenghts and opportunities ... as logic as this may sound, is a common mistake to follow the same approach when being the undisputable market leader or the last challenger to arrive to the party.

The classic examples on this book really help to illustrate their points, being easy to follow. Would you like to understand why Apple's "I am a Mac" is one of the best campaings ever? Or why is Target gaining shoppers vs. other retailers? Then read this book! Although you will not find such recent examples here, indeed that is my only critique to the book, I missed more updated examples including cases from this new digital and globalized era.

Net, after +12years working on multi-national companies in marketing of goods and services I still found this book very useful, a must have for all marketers in this world. As usual I will end saying that any good rating must consider: 1) performance (what I got vs. what I expected) and 2) value (how much I paid vs. what I got); this book is a great deal, delivering above expectations content at a very reasonable price.
I read the original of this book 20 years ago and many of the concepts stuck with me all these years. I decided to reread it and see how the updated version would feel. Well, the basic principals are still thoughtful and it's interesting to see how some of the initial predictions have turned out. In most cases, they did a pretty good job and in some they missed. I was hoping to see more recent examples of how some of the newer market leaders followed the methods elaborated here, such as Google, Amazon, eBay, etc, but they did not add these in the update. All in all, a good read of concepts as a broad brush from a strategy perspective.
Most of the things we did last year were not necessary.

If we had not done them, we would be no worse off, because the aims were too diffuse and general.

What we should have done is to think very hard about the actual goals, and the actual forces that may prevent us from achieving our goals. Quite a fundamentalist approach, as opposed to hammering around in the hope that something will say BINGO.

If you have experienced Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven - final scene - you will instantly understand the sheer determination and natural madness that this book is about.

The book is inspired by a dead German general, who in turn was inspired by dead Roman generals. And this book is old. So what? The principle of looking very hard at what lies ahead, and honestly working out what to do, is as critical and mind-wrenching now as it was when gunpowder was a novelty.

Think hard. Buy this book and read it cover-to-cover. It will inspire you as you read.

Then attack.
Great book, awesome analogies that are applicable to all my marketing strategies. Opened my mind to new ideas. In particular as a small business, the pricing flanking techniques are coming in handy.