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Author: Lauren Davis Jonathan,John Perkins
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Title: The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Corporate Corruption [With Headphones] (Playaway Adult Nonfiction)
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Publisher: Findaway World (December 1, 2009)

The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Corporate Corruption [With Headphones] (Playaway Adult Nonfiction) by Lauren Davis Jonathan,John Perkins

Written by John Perkins Read by Jonathan Davis Format: MP3 Bitrate: 64 Kbps. That riveting, behind-the-scenes exposé unfolded like a cinematic blockbuster told through the eyes of a man who once helped shape that empire. Addressing these questions and more, Perkins reveals the secret history behind the events that have created the American Empire, including

That riveting, behind-the-scenes exposé unfolded like a cinematic blockbuster told through the eyes of a man who once helped shape that empire. Addressing these questions and more, Perkins reveals the secret history behind the events that have created the American Empire. military in Iraq to infrastructure development in Indonesia, from Peace Corps volunteers in Africa to jackals in Venezuela, Perkins exposes a conspiracy of corruption that has fueled instability and anti-Americanism around the globe. Alarming yet hopeful, this book provides a compassionate plan for reimagining our world. Narrator: Jonathan Davis.

John Perkins' new book is both an eye-opening expose of global corruption and a fascinating story of adventure and intrigue. This devastating indictment of current economic policies also offers hope by showing the power of the growing movement toward a caring economics worldwide.

Even if John Perkins addressed this book to Americans, I found it worth every minute of my time. Using first person narration, Perkins recounts his experiences as an American economic hit man (EHM). By definition, EHMs are highly-paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. John Perkins's globe trotting adventures as a self-described Economic Hit Man (EHM) in "The Secret History of the American Empire" is a one of a kind history lesson in . international affairs and economics over the last 40 years.

In his stunning memoir, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins detailed his former role as an 'economic hit man' in the international corporate skulduggery of a de facto American Empire. Now Perkins zeroes in on hot spots around the world, drawing on interviews to examine the current geopolitical crisis, and providing a compassionate plan to reimagine our world.

John Perkins's sensational New York Times bestseller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (more than 300,000 sold) revealed just the tip of the iceberg of the secret world of economic hit men and the web of global corruption. Now more economic hit men and i. Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation.

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371 pages ISBN : 978-0525950158. The Secret History's" Prologue provides an outstanding summary of the dark side of American generosity as exemplified by the World Bank's actions. holds veto power over major World Bank decisions, and its president is appointed by the .

Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Corporate Corruption. By John Perkins Read by Jonathan Davis. Part of John Perkins Economic Hitman Series. Category: Economics Management Politics. Former Economic Hit Man John Perkins goes behind the scenes of the current geopolitical crisis and offers bold solutions to our most pressing problems. Drawing on interviews with other EHMs, jackals, CIA operatives, reporters, businessmen, and activists, Perkins reveals the secret history of events that have created the current American Empire, including

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This book is a gem.It is written not by a researcher peeking in and trying to figure it out but by an insider...one who was long-term involved and knows exactly what is going on and after much soul searching and being threatened and bribed not to did the right thing and is revealing all.And all is quite mind blowing.Our American empire is built on the tears of the countries around the world that it has systematically looted and continues to oppress with unscrupulous and brutal methods...This book very clearly reveals the inner workings of what the censored and muzzled mass media would never do...It reveals what and how the American empire has looted it's client states throughout the planet and continues to do so in such a way that few see just how devious and brutal this empire is beneath the benevolent rhetoric....Eye opening and informative..
In order to assess this new volume I have looked at notes on John Perkins' autobiography, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." I have read it, but needed a refresher course, and am appalled all over again at its contents.([...])

Perkins was recruited by the international consulting firm of Charles T. Main. He was an economist, with two primary objectives: justify huge loans for countries for huge engineering and construction projects to be carried out by American companies (think Haliburton, Bechtel et al.); after the companies had been paid, he was to help engineer the debtor's bankruptcy so that country would remain indebted to their creditors and remain pliable when the US wanted `favors' like military bases, access to natural resources, etc.

Starting in Indonesia in 1971, a time when Indonesia was believed to be a key to Southeast Asian stability, he made economic forecasts that won him further projects. In 1972 it was Panama. Later, Saudi Arabia came under his spell, and a deal between it and the USA was consummated. With it came a relationship between the American government and the House of Saud, the bin Laden family, and the Bush family, to the immense financial benefit of the latter.

His conscience bothered him since he felt that, by following Main's directives, he was causing much harm to the client states. Iran was his breaking point. As what Perkins called the "corporatocracy" supported the Shah, which led to class wars and hatred of the American companies, and the American government which it blamed for all its woes, especially the rampant corruption and despotic government. After the turn of the year in 1979, the Shah fled the country; less than a year later the American hostages in the Embassy were taken. He quit his job at Main in 1980.

"The Secret History of the American Empire" is another product of his reflections on his past and the changes in his work life. He talks a lot about American influence in Latin America, and the rise of home grown opponents to the Unite States with respect.

As I learned a long time ago, every one is said to have his price; United States employees were outstanding at saving skeletons from other's closets. In fact, after learning of the trap set for President Clinton, he has that information confirmed by a retired CIA officer.

Not unsurprisingly, the chickens came home to America to roost. Our policies in the Middle East blew up in our faces. Those in the Middle East caught on to our lust for oil as we established the Shah of Iran, the House of Saud, the ruling families in Kuwait and Jordan, and a friendly dictator in Egypt, and we supported Israeli militarism. They named America and the West as the enemy as the mullahs gained force, al-Qaida grew, and radical politicians replaced moderate ones, exacerbated by the hero worship of the martyrdom of suicide bombers.

Here are the roots of our current political crises internationally. Moving to the continent of Africa, Perkins addresses the problems we have inherited from the European colonial expansion. Again, once there was a crack in the system, America rushed in, knowing that it was time to expand its influence. The stories are fascinating, and appalling. A letter he cites at length tells the effects of westernization seen through the eyes of an educated young woman, employed by a NGO.

She balances the good that NGOs appear to do against the western influences that attack the fiber of their civilization. In sum she concludes that the bad outweighs the good and calls for a total change of system.

Finally, he outlines and discusses briefly the questions essential to making the change the world needs. There are things each and all of us can do, not only in the face of global warming, but also the inequalities we see around us, not only here in the Americas, but also world-wide. Furthermore, he talked to university students who had been told, and believed, that they were America's future.

I was most deeply moved by the mission statement of two high school students from Seattle who had established Global; Awareness and Change [GAC]. Perkins reduced several lines of type into this: "We commit to creating a stable, sustainable, and peaceful world far all peoples everywhere." Would that we ll could commit to this.

I really urge you to get and read this book and resolve to follow at least some of the suggestions at the end. Bear in mind that if you are not to be part of the problem, you must become part of the solution.
Only three stars because I don't find him to be a particularly good writer.....but the content is 'SO IMPORTANT'.....it's a great review of some 'slimy' US history....questionable US military and CIA decisions and the geo-political quagmires we continually find ourselves in. Corporations need 'scruples' and we as U.S. Citizens need to demand that they become more transparent. I am a pilot with American Airlines and also read "Retirement Heist" after retirement was taken away from us......I Also recommend that book as a supplement to John Perkins books because both talk about core issues that effect ALL of us everyday. Does 'K' Street run this country? And do Corporations run world economics?
This is a very scary book, it tells how big business is gaining political influence and access to oil and other natural resources around the world. You should read Perkins other book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, as well to make you more aware of what trade agreements are all about.

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This book provides vital information about aspects of our country's activities that most of us don't typically know about - great exposure to how things have worked behind the scenes. It's written in easy to read story form and makes for compelling reading.