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Author: Ed Williams
ISBN13: 978-1892298010
Title: Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me: The Juliette Journals
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Publisher: Abique Inc (July 1998)
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Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me: The Juliette Journals by Ed Williams

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Rough As a Cob: More from the Juliette Journals. And Ed Williams is truly a magnificent person, although his moral taste may seem a bit "unscrupulous" to some, I have met him and his is really just a country boy full of stories. Defietly a must read! -Ryan.

You'll learn the answers to all these questions and more when you read Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me, a book you might not be proud of but one that you'll never quite get enough of! Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Champagne BooksReleased: Jan 14, 2011ISBN: 9781897261231Format: book. Sex, Dead Dogs And Me - Ed Williams.

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I started with his most recent, "ChristmaSin", then went to the first one "SDDAM", and just finished "RAAC", but it doesn't matter because Ed is a consummate storyteller.

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Juliette Lewis took her Juliette And The Licks band performance to the next level as she almost injured herself as she got so into it. No doubt she got inspiration from her upcoming film Jem and the Holograms.

Ed Williams (b. June 19, 1956 in Forsyth, Georgia) is an American Southern humorist. He is best known for being the author of the books Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me: The Juliette Journals and Rough As A Cob: More From the Juliette Journals. is the 170th day of the year (171st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

You'll learn the answers to all these questions and more when you read Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me, a book you might not be proud of but one that you'll never quite get enough of Full Synopsis. The Complete Ed Williams Book List.

Reviews: 7
Ed Williams has a God given talent with the written word. I'm reading his books out of order. I first read his most recent "ChristmaSin", then this one, his first, and will finish up with, his second book, "Rough As A Cob". This collection of short stories had me laughing out loud at each one. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face while reading "Catching the Choir Leader With His Pants Down". No one can tell a tale as Ed can. I felt like I was there at each one of his antics, cheering him on. He writes with a combination of his very own unique personal style, his intelligence, his Southern charm, and his inimitable wit. His writing makes me feel as if he is speaking to me while we are sitting across the table from one another enjoying adult beverages.

While funny and entertaining, his writing also lends itself to a more serious and gentle side. That is the love he has for his family. He writes of them in such a way that is very obvious to the reader the love he has for them and justifiably so. Each member sounds like a person I would be proud to know, be friends with, and be related to.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour who likes to read. You won't be disappointed in the least. If I enjoy a book, I re-read it again. I know that I will be re-reading all of Ed's books many, many times in the years to come.
This book proves that fiction is never as funny as true life stories. Small towns can really be exciting. Fried Green Tomatoes has nothing on the true stories of the real residents of Juliette Georgia!
In my opinion that would have been a book that I would have thoroughly enjoyed reading and passing on to my friends had the offensive language been toned down a bit....
This book was as a gift from the most beautiful lady in Alabama and I want to thank her. This book was a great pressure reliever. I have not laughed so hard in a long time--actually brought tears to my eyes--it was GREAT!! Each Chapter is it's own little short story. My favorites were Stink Perfume, The Vapors, The Brotherhood, and Porno Movies. The way Ed tells each story puts you right there it is so easy to visualize the situation you are laughing right along with him. I actually felt like I was right there participating in the particle jokes. As a matter of fact the experiences Ed writes about are similar situation I've experienced. I found myself recalling some of my own similar experiences that added to my laughter. You don't have to be from Georgia to appreciate this book. Although Ed writes about things that happened to Ed in a small Georgia town but no matter where you live you can relate because of similar experiences. This is a very entertaining book to read. You too will find yourself laughing resulting in tears forming in your eyes too. Again thanks for the gift I love it!!
After having read the reviews and and tuning into GPR's interview with the author I couldn't wait to get my copy of "Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me". I even sent a gift copy to my son. Unfortunately, the book wasn't worth the wait. I waited patiently for the belly laughing humor I was sure this book contained and all I received for my patience was a few chuckles.
Not only was they hype much better than the book but I found the editing (if there was any) to be very poor. As a reader I find it very frustrating to try and guess which word the author intended to use in a given sentence. This book was worse than a small town weekly newspaper for errors. In addition, I found the author's over use of asides and paragraph numbering to be even more frustrating.
Mr. Williams shows potential as a southern humorist but this book obviously went to print way too soon. I wish I had saved my money.
A friend gave me this book as a birthday present. The title intriqued me, and I sat down one evening to read it. I could not put it down - I laughed so much my husband came in to check on me to see if anything was wrong! Ed Williams should have a big future in front of him if he choses to continue writing. And Ed, please continue - I already want another book from you so badly I can taste it. I've got to hear more about Ed Jr. - he may end up the next great southern philosopher.
To conclude, as I think Ed might say it, "Ya'll need to buy this damn book!"
I laughed until my sides hurt. Sex, Dead Dogs, And Me is thick with outstanding humor. It has it all. Ed writes about extremely funny stories from his youth such as good and bad kisses, workman's compensation for jock itch, the vapors, and the adultery business. If you love to laugh, you'll want this book for your collection. You get a truly all encompassing, across the board variety of wit.

My favorite is Ed's classic tale of stink perfume. It reminds me of my own prank-filled youth. I have read a lot of humorous books, and this ranks among the very best. Ed's writing style brings the stories to life. It was easy to visualize the characters and get attached to them. Fresh, entertaining and comical, I highly recommend it.

I will have to make one correction however. A Canadian girl's lips kiss better. Perhaps one day Ed will get to test that theory.

Linda Oness
I loved this book - laughed at points until I had tears in my eyes! The bad thing is, I have to hide it whenever one of the church workers comes into my office (due to the title). It is a great book, and the choir leader and holy water chapters have provoked considerable discussion around my dinner table. Ed Williams has the intestional fortitude to write about things that have gone on in small churches for years. He is a treasure, and I hope this book is the first of many to come from him.