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Author: Susan Sloate
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Title: Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross (Great Lives)
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Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross (Great Lives) by Susan Sloate

As entertaining as it is educational, this biography of Clara Barton details. As entertaining as it is educational, this biography of Clara Barton details the life of the founder of the American Red Cross, how she nursed soldiers during the American Civil War and dedicated her life to helping others in need. Susan lives outside Charleston, South Carolina. Visit her online at ww. usansloate. Books by Susan Sloate

Find nearly any book by Susan Sloate. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross (Great Lives). ISBN 9780449903803 (978-0-449-90380-3) Softcover, Ballantine Books, 1990. by Susan Sloate, Kevin Finn. ISBN 9781414014876 (978-1-4140-1487-6) Hardcover, 1st Book Library, 2003.

Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross (Great Lives). Publisher: Random House Publishing Group. Amelia Earhart: Challenging the Skies Great Lives Series.

CLara Barton wears a Red Cross pin at her neck. Red Cross chapters were set up in every state. There, Clara and other Red Cross workers helped the victims of floods, 24. tornadoes, earthquakes, and outbreaks of disease. figures, the events that shaped their lives, their accomplishments, and their impacts on our nation. Spirit of America®: Our People reveals the true stories about the individuals who contributed so greatly to our country's development. Other Spirit of America®series: Our Cultural Heritage Our Presidents ~.

Clara Barton: Founder o. .has been added to your Cart. With an open design, clear type, and period prints and photos on every double-page spread, this highly readable biography in the Signature Lives: Civil War Era series does a great job of setting Barton's personal story within the history of her time. Barton's struggle as a woman to work on equal terms and make a difference is juxtaposed against the bigger picture of her work, first providing nursing care for wounded soldiers and then bringing the International Red Cross to the .

Founder of the American Red Cross. 1. Timeline: See attached. 2. The event from the timeline that I believe changed Clara Barton s life would be in 1833, when Clara s brother, David, fell of the roof while he and some friends were constructing a barn. Since he was very ill and Clara was not the type of person to sit back and watch, we volunteered to nurse him back to health. I think this event changed her life completely because it was her first actual nursing experience

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Clara formed the American Red Cross in 1881. Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts, on December 25, 1821. Clara and her four older siblings were raised on a small farm by their parents Sarah Stone and Stephen Barton. During her childhood, she was very shy, and her older brothers and sisters were always bossing her around. In 1905, Clara formed the National First Aid Society to teach people how to give first aid and save lives even when health workers are not there. On April 12, 1912, Clara Barton died in her home in Glen Echo, Maryland. I think Clara was a brave and self-sacrificing person. She was persistent at her work and she accomplished many things, even though it was hard then for women to work outside the home. Clara Barton was an inspiration to many people. She was a leader who taught American society that we can help people who are caught in disasters.

The American Red Cross also partners with other Red Cross networks, throughout the world to help some of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Clara again traveled to Europe to recuperate after losing her eyesight from nervous exhaustion in 1872. While there, Clara heard about her sister Sally’s death in the Spring of 1874. Clara became very depressed over Sally’s death and spent a great deal of time in a sanitarium in New York. The True Heroine 6) While Clara was in New York, she came up with the idea of forming the American Red Cross in 1877. Clara Barton established the American Red Cross in 1881 in Dansville, New York. The American Red Cross 2.

CIara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross. 1349 words - 5 pages Clara Barton became a crucial leader in the Civil War. She lived a very achieving life and pursued volunteer service, leading to the formation of the American Red Cross, which helped to save many lives during this war (Biography. During the Civil War, Clara’s main goal was to help anyone in need in any way possible, which made her one of the most honored woman. Susan wanted to make Clara an ally and an advocate. By the end of her life, the American Red Cross had become a known. The Beginnings of the American Red Cross. The formation of the American Red Cross can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century. During this time, there was much bloodshed in the . because of the Civil War.

Follows the life of the nurse who served on the battlefields of the Civil War, and later founded the American Red Cross