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Author: A.E. Hotchner
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Title: Doris Day: Her Own Story
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Publisher: Bantam Books (October 1976)

Doris Day: Her Own Story by A.E. Hotchner

Biography of Doris Day with 36 pages of photographs and filmography. For the first time, Doris Day tells the story behind the headlines of her private life- three marriages, real and rumored affairs, and professional triumphs countered by personal tragedies. At thirteen Doris was in a car hit by a train, and for a while she expected to be crippled for life. At sixteen she was earning her living on the road signing with bands.

Doris Day didn't have the perfect life everyone thought she ha. he was abused by one of her husbands,her son was almost killed by Charles Manson,and her Father married an Africa American Women,that Doris loved. This book is fantastic,and no stone is unturned. I wrote to Doris Day when I bought this book in 1975,and she wrote. back a beutifull letter signed in In. still have this note,and Cherish it with all my memories of Doris Days great films and music she has given us over the years  . I was very touched by Doris Day's love for animals. I wrote a letter to her telling her how much I liked the book and how much happiness my own dog added to my life. I enclosed a picture of me laughing while my dog, Ginger, was licking my face.

by Day, Doris, 1924-; Hotchner, A. E. Publication date 1976. Topics Day, Doris, 1924-, Day, Doris, 1924-, Motion picture actors and actresses, Motion picture actors and actresses.

Doris Day: Her Own Story, in 1976. Sexless Sex Object, Non-comic Comedy Star: The Doris Day Rorschach Test. Although few think of her now as a comedian, or as being in any way funny, Doris Day was a big comedy movie star. The most effective deconstruction, if not destruction, of the Doris Day signifier was performed with exquisite deliberation by Day herself in her memoir, Doris Day: Her Own Story, on which she and writer A. Hotchner began to collaborate shortly after the end of her TV series. The book was first published in 1976). No tabloid exposé could have ripped the lid from a star image with as much relish as Day took in dismantling her own persona.

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Doris Day: Her Own Story Paperback – October, 1976. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. This book is very interesting and well written. A E Hotchner is the author and he has written many good biographies. He writes from his interviews of Doris, as though it was Doris speaking. Doris apparently cooperated very closely because she describes many things that are very personal and honest, but not always so flattering and she is frequently very candid.

Doris Day: Her Own Story.

Last week I read Doris Day: Her Own Story. Even though it was an "as-told-to" . Hotchner, I could actually hear Doris Day telling the story as I read it. Doris (or Clara depending on who is referring to her) like all of us, has had adversity as well as triumphs but her spirit and attitude toward life is something I admire. I learned that Doris was heavily influenced by Christian Science teachings laid on top of a Catholic background which made her spiritual evolution particularly interesting I think.

This photo of Doris taken in 1976 was during an interview on her new book Doris Day – Her Own Story, written by . On this night, Doris was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her contributions to the film industry. Doris Day 2017, ABC News. While there are very limited photos showing Doris throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, we can definitely say that 2017 Doris looks pretty much the same as her earlier self! Same hair, same smile, same beautiful personality! Not much has changed for the former actress. As per Doris’ birthday celebrations, her manager says that She always gets lots of phone calls wishing her happy birthday

Born in 1923, she had her 92 birthday April 3, 2015. In the mid-Twentieth Century, she was America's Sweetheart, first as popular ballad singer, then as a romantic comedy and dramatic actress, then as a variety performer.
Reviews: 7
I've been a Doris Day fan as long as I can remember. Everything about her appeals to me. This book delivered more than I expected. It is not just written as an autobiography, but it is balanced with interviews with friends, costars and family members. She definitely puts it all right out there, in a very frank and raw way. While she states she doesn't like the girl-next-door "image" of herself, a phrase she distinctly dislikes, I'll admit that a part of her is very much that person. It's this authenticity that shines through in her pictures that captures us as fans. A real piece of her, her personality, her spirit.

The flip side of this, or rather just another angle, is that as much as an aspect of her private life seemed to resemble some of her onscreen persona, it's an eye opener to read about those parts of her life that seem diametrically opposed to the squeaky clean image America has created for her. If you do not want your illusion fractured, then I'd recommend you do not read this book.

If, however, you can appreciate Doris Day and make distinctions between her personal/private life and the persona we see on screen, you will find this an entertaining, frank, forthright, and sometimes shocking read. I will forever appreciate her as an actress and singer, but cannot deny the vital importance she has played for animal rights. There is a great deal more to this woman than meets the eye.

It was a very fast read because it's so enthralling. I couldn't put it down. Two days and I was consumed. This book remains on the top shelf of my glass doored bookcase across from me.
This will change how you think about Doris. She was very correct that people had a false perception of her persona. I did. I enjoyed reading her very candid, honest, life account. I came away a little disappointed she didn't have the life I hoped for her (a happy marriage to a decent man who treated her well and took care of her) but I was very grateful that her son was such a strong person and became such a wonderful advocate for her. Doris should have had it better, all throughout her life, she was so exceptional. I am thankful Doris was so willing to disclose so much personal, negative information, you feel like you are really able to know what she is really like. This is definitely worth reading and proved to be historically significant for me. Knowing how Doris interacted with the changing times and the different celebrities really developed my understanding of things like the Manson family murders, the later Vegas Sinatra era, how other celebrities lost their investments like Doris... I feel much better informed, and by Doris herself about things that happened before I was born.
I read this book when it first came out and it literally changed my life! Many years later, I got the nerve to write to Doris Day and tell her how her autobiography gave me the courage to make a huge decision....And she actually wrote back to me! I obviously still have her note card and envelope, which are cherished items. I wrote about this in my memoir, From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More, and included a copy of that note!
This book is very interesting and well written. A E Hotchner is the author and he has written many good biographies. He writes from his interviews of Doris, as though it was Doris speaking. Doris apparently cooperated very closely because she describes many things that are very personal and honest, but not always so flattering and she is frequently very candid. There is much written that is probably not known by most who read this book. There are also comments through the text by others, who are close to her, or who are working associates of Doris, like an X-husband, her son Terry, Bob Hope and James Cagney and others. They enhance my understanding of what Doris is relating. My appreciation of Doris Day, as a person and as an actress, has been enhanced by reading this book. She has had some very difficult times in her life and people have disappointed her, but they haven't made her bitter or vengeful. She is a wonderful lady and from reading this book I feel like I have sat down with her and she has honestly told me the story of her life.,
I am a fan of Doris Day. I was very pleased when the book arrived at my home. The quality of the book and the jacket were much better than I expected. Because the hardcover and pages are in such good condition I really appreciate holding and reading from the pages of this book. The print in the book is a nice size for reading, not too small. I have only read the introduction but the introduction is interesting and lets me know that the rest of the book is going to be what I was hoping for. If you have an interest in Doris Day, I would recommend your purchasing this book before you read other biographies about this actress. Most of the pictures in this book are from her movies and publicity shoots. There are only a couple that would be from her private collection and those are photos of her before she became a band singer and later an actress. All photos are in black and white. The seller was very good about the packaging of the book and the delivery.
I never dreamed that the Doris Day I saw on the screen is the same Doris Day in real life. She is very blunt, but not harsh, at least most of the time. I find the book interesting in that it alternates her story with that of her family and friends' opinions as one reads the book.
The book is easy to read and put together with much thought.
Although I have a difficult time agreeing with Ms. Day at times, I like the fact that "she is what she is." There is no pretending or magic here. She simply states how her life has unfolded, her firm ideas about animal rights and also how she feels about "religion" and her feelings of God.
I am surprised with her frankness, but was also glued to the book because of that fact.
I would recommend this book to those who are very open to any possibility of what life may bring. If you adore a celebrity and want to keep her/him on a pedestal, then don't read the book! It can be a downer.