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Author: Elaine McCarthy
ISBN13: 978-0970937216
Title: Morbid Curiosity: Celebrity Tombstones Across America
Format: mbr azw lrf lit
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Language: English
Category: Arts and Literature
Publisher: Monagco/Morbid Curiosity; 1st edition (August 2002)
Pages: 336

Morbid Curiosity: Celebrity Tombstones Across America by Elaine McCarthy

MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America TM. A Fascinating Site About Celebrities, their tombstones, and their final moments.

Varying Form of Title: Celebrity tombstones across America. On this site it is impossible to download the book, read the book online or get the contents of a book. The administration of the site is not responsible for the content of the site. The data of catalog based on open source database. All rights are reserved by their owners. Download book Morbid curiosity : celebrity tombstones across America, photographs and stories by Elaine McCarthy.

Elaine McCarthy, American literature educator, writer. Certification in English (7-12 Grade) New York State, 1992, Certification in Art (k-12) New York State, 2004. It is a fascinating book about celebrities, their tombstones and final stories.

Claims to Fame: Celebrity in Contemporary America By Joshua Gamson. University of California Press, 1994 Call Number: E169. The Cultural Significance of the Child Star By Jane O’Connor.

The most complete, in-depth book on hearses and funeral cars ever! Beginning with horse drawn, highly ornate hearses up to today's motorized vehicles, this book takes you through the complete history of 20th Century hearses. Follow the overall style development from the early carved-panel columned and draped designs, through the limousine-styled Funeral Coach and side-loaders, through the sleek designs that have led to today's hearses. Death and Bereavement Across Cultures By Colin Murray Parkes.

Celebrity Tombstones Across America. Published August 2002 by Monagco/Morbid Curiosity.

Find and Download Book - Morbid Curiosity: Celebrity Tombstones Across America.

Morbid curiosity : celebrity tombstones across America. I never know what I'll find when browsing the book stacks at the Central Library. The trivia for the celebrities is fun but you can't beat the online resource, Find A Grave.

"MORBID CURIOSITY: Celebrity Tombstones Across America." It is a fascinating book about celebrities, their tombstones and final stories.

Although there have been various books of the same genre, MORBID CURIOSITY approaches this topic in a whole new way. This book is not about obscure faceless people from years ago. All the celebrities in MORBID CURIOSITY are well known personalities from television, movies, music, comedy, etc. Also these tombstones (like most available "grave" related books), are not just from the "big three" cemetery locations being: Chicago, California or New York, they are as the title states, from "across America."

Although the topic may appear to be "morbid" in nature, the real purpose of this book is to satisfy your "curiosity." It is unfortunate and a reality that some mega-stars cannot handle fame and excessive fortune gracefully. It is the sensationalism of their lives and deaths that makes them icons forever. MORBID CURIOSITY, merely tells the story in intimate details about their abuses, exhumations, corpse thefts, hearse jackings, unusual funerals, alleged last words and reported hauntings.

Along with my children, I traveled over 30,000 miles around the United States so that I could bring to my readers, beautiful black and white photos of their favorite celebrity’s tombstone, along with explicit directions to each grave.

Reviews: 4
This book was absolutely addicting. It is filled with trivia, interesting and unusual stories about all the people we have watched on television and/or the movies, not to mention musicians, criminals, etc. Elaine McCarthy tells these celebrity stories with juicy details that keep her book riveted to your hands for hours, only to leave you asking for more when you've read the entire book. Then she adds beautiful detailed black and white photos for each and every person. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves biographies, entertainment, celebrities, television, music, etc., etc.
And before I forget, it is a great summer vacation book with detailed directions to each and every grave. I tried finding 10 California graves here in Los Angeles, in three different cemeteries and Ms. McCarthy was right on the money with "dead-on" directions!
Makes a great gift....for yourself!
While this book has a definite "home brewed" flavor, it's exhaustively researched with minute details on how to visit celbrity gravesites. I'm especially taken aback by comedian John Candy's last days of self-destructive behavior ....
What can I say? This book is the best around and extremely addicting. I couldn't put it down. Of all the books on this genre that I've read, no book does it as well as Morbid Curiosity. The photos were great, the directions -superb, the stories -all very factual and as far as the trivia goes, Ms. McCarthy could write for the game "Trivial Pursuit!" This is the most essential book for anyone's collection, that is as long as you are interested in celebrities and what has happened to them. Very tastefully done, I might add.
I love cemetery surfing and try to visit a new site as often as possible. I am also a teacher and the spelling errors in this book made me cringe. The information and pictures were outstanding but I just felt like I was reading a very unprofessional book because of the horrible spelling errors.

I recommend this book for information and pictures.