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Author: Danny Wallace
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Title: Yes Man - Movie Tie-In
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Yes Man - Movie Tie-In by Danny Wallace

Yes Man is a memoir written by Danny Wallace based upon a year of the author's life, in which he chose to say "Yes" to any offers that came his way. It was also loosely adapted into the 2008 film Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. Danny Wallace, a freelance radio producer for the BBC in London, takes three simple words uttered by a stranger on a bus-"Say yes more"-as a challenge and says "yes" to everything for a year.

Read it before you see the movie. Yes Man' by Danny Wallace.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Recently single, Danny Wallace was falling into loneliness and isolation. When a stranger on a bus advises. Read it years ago after watching the movie that took after this book. The book does wonders in explaining the "Yes Man" theory and idealogy. It really opens your mind to how simple things can be - for example, how saying "yes" can lead one man's life from monotonous to a series of positive and not so positive twists and turns that gave his life meaning. Would recommend if you're looking for a narrative "self-help" book. Danny Wallace, first of all, did a great job writing his year of saying Yes in book format. At once glib, crazy and wracked with confusion, Danny infuses every page with that indelible dry British wit.

Recently single, Danny Wallace was falling into loneliness and isolation. In Yes Man, Wallace recounts his months-long commitment to complete openness with profound insight and humbling honesty. Saying yes takes Wallace into a new plane of existence: Recently single, Danny Wallace was falling into loneliness and isolation. but, well, I wasn't really paying much attention at the time, so I remained optimistic.

Yes man. Also by danny wallace. Are You Dave Goreman? (with Dave Goreman). All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. SIMON SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT and related logo are trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Manufactured in the United States of America. Yes man, by Danny Wallace. p. cm. ISBN-13: 978-1-4169-0066-5. ISBN-10: 1-4169-0066-7. eISBN-13: 978-1-439-10729-4. 3. London (England)-Biography.

And boy, did it get more interesting. This is the tie-in book that goes with the 2008 film of the Danny Wallace book -"Yes Man"- starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, which is being released by Warner Bros in December 2008. ru 437. Похожие книги: Yes Man. Danny Wallace. t doing the young, free and single thing very well. In. т 523. Danny Wallace (humourist). Jesse Russell,Ronald Cohn

Yes Man. THE SUNDAY TIMES TOP 10 BESTSELLER Danny Wallace had been staying in. Far too much. Danny Wallace wanted to write about a place so special and so crucial to our existence that it had never before been tackled: the Centre of the Universe. But then, he realised that getting there might be a problem, and when he did, there’d probably be nothing much to write about. Until he heard about a manhole cover, on a small street, in a small town, tucked away in a remote part of Idaho.

In Yes Man, Wallace recounts his months-long commitment to complete openness with profound insight and humbling honesty. Saying yes takes Wallace into a new plane of existence: a place where money comes as easily as it goes, nodding a lot can lead to a long weekend overseas with new friends, and romance isn't as complicated as it seems. Yes eventually leads to the biggest question of all: "Do you, Danny Wallace, take this woman. Yes Man - Danny Wallace. In Which We Set the Scene. It was nearly midnight. I felt like Danny, from the movie Karate Kid, sitting next to Mr. Miyage. One minute we’d been idly chatting about this, about that, and about what we’d done with our weeks, and the next this thin and bearded man had dropped a philosophical bombshell. I couldn’t work out whether it was just coincidence.

Recently single, Danny Wallace was falling into loneliness and isolation. Until one day, when a stranger on a bus advised, "Say yes more." At that moment, Wallace vowed to say yes to every offer, invitation, challenge, and chance. For a year.

Soon after resolving to be more open to what the universe had to offer, Danny wins $45,000 and becomes a television executive...and a minister. He gives spare change to anyone who asks. Invents things. Travels the globe. Nods a lot. And finds that romance isn't as complicated as it seems.

Yes Man is inspiring proof that a little willingness can take anyone to the most wonderful of places.

Reviews: 7
I bought this book used and the one I received was in pretty tough shape to say the least. I'm not holding that against the book itself though. It's very well written, funny and quick witted. Danny Wallace has a very interesting story to tell and you'd do yourself well to take the time to read every detail. It's well worth the read even if you've already seen the movie and if you haven't seen the movie, make sure you do after you read the book.
This is my favorite book. No joke. I find it to be SO enlightening, dryly humorous at the same time as being positively encouraging. There's a wonderful spiritual tinge to "Yes Man" as well. I don't think one could read through "Yes Man" without feeling even the smallest positive surge to take new chances towards living a better life. I love Danny Wallace's humor. The movie "Yes Man" is a PALE comparison to the book, by the way. The movie representation of "Yes Man", other than being just an okay movie on its own, is quite poor. I greatly encourage you to give this book at least one read. I am on my 2nd, and I am once again loving every page.
I loved this book. It's very funny (in a slapstick way) and very positive. The basic story is what happens in a man's life when he commits to only answering "Yes". He travels, tries drugs, get drunk, makes friends, joins strange organizations..., but overall has a more enjoyable life.
The only thing that took the gloss off this book was when I realized the author is a comedian who's written other books before. That seems to make his decision less spontaneous and, although he doesn't admit this, he may well have considered "Hmmm, I wonder if there's a new book in this decision?"
Overall I liked this book but thought is was too long, he could have gotten to the point much more quickly and it would have been a better read for me.

This is the movie tie in to the book by the same name written by Danny Wallace, a Londoner who in a funk took the advice of a man on a bus to say yes more. That advice lead to a year of saying yes to virtually everything that anyone asked and lead to many odd and awkward adventures. Some of the activities included writing chalk slogans for peace on the sidewalk to eating bizarre combinations of food because the seller asked if he wanted a long series of items with the food he ordered.

One of the funniest parts of the book is him talking his way into and out of a fight at a nightclub with a guy who asked if he was looking at his girlfriend by saying yes.

Ultimately the book explores what his friends thought about his obsession with yes and how worried they became for him. They even develop elaborate schemes to try and get him to say no.

I really enjoy seeing what happens in books like this where people fixate on a single idea for a year like The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible and this one. There is a strong lesson in the will it takes to do something so thoroughly and a demonstration of how often we give up too soon.

I thought the writing could be tighter but really enjoyed the book none the less.
Okay, I'm going to ruin the book for you. Ready?

Danny Wallace wrote humorous non-fiction books before this one. There's a small hint of it while he tells the story, but if you look here on Amazon, you'll find Join Me! and a few others.

"Yes Man" is still great. It's a very fast read and the anecdotes from Danny's life over six months (it's not a year) are all well-written. You would think these mini-stories would just be amusing stand-alone chapters, but Danny does a great job of putting them together in an overall narrative showing growth and understanding.

He forces things a little when talking about his transactions with online spammers, and his interactions with drugs are out of a stereotypical movie (now starring Jim Carrey, ha!).

"Yes Man" still ends up being strong, though, because the overall message is reinforced through humor - you should say "yes" to open yourself up to possibilities in both personal and work matters. Danny Wallace does this, and it's a great ride.

Read it, and definitely share it with others who seem to be stuck in a rut.
Hilarious Kangaroo
Ok, I am not going into a long review of this but I will say that the book accomplishes its objective; which is.... to entertain you. The thing that stood out for me was the whole idea of the book, and in reading it realized that I could use a tune up in life. That was the driving force of the book , about how being more open can change your life and it is a great view that everyone will should consider. I found it very funny and cut and dry, and each chapter had its own point. I would definitely read it, maybe not a purchase for everyone but at least a read. It might just change your life.
I bought this book because it's featured at every bookstore now with the movie tie-in. And, what a surprise - I thoroughly loved it! It's laugh-out-loud funny.

My only complaint with this book is that this edition has Jim Carrey on the cover. What a stupid idea it was to make it into a movie with an overrated 46 year-old American actor instead of the charming Danny Wallace in the lead role. A lot of the humor in the book is very British and in the viewpoint of a 26 year-old; all of that is lost by using Jim Carrey and a California setting. I know I'm basing my dislike of the movie on just seeing the trailer, but if the hand-picked clips are that bad, you know the movie must be deadly.

So say yes to the book...and no to the movie!
The beginning of this book is so dull that I didn't want to read the rest of it despite the fact that I loved the premise for the book. Save yourself some time and just watch the movie it is a lot more entertaining and humorous and still gives the same message.