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Author: Jean-Marc Lofficier
ISBN13: 978-0491028042
Title: Doctor Who Programme Guide: v. 1
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Language: English
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Publisher: W.H. Allen / Virgin Books (January 1, 1981)
Pages: 128

Doctor Who Programme Guide: v. 1 by Jean-Marc Lofficier

This is THE best Doctor Who episode guide or program guide out there. Unfortunately it is out of date, and long out of print, but I'd like to see it brought back in an updated form. Reasons that this book is superior to similar ones  . Jean-Marc Lofficier is a French author of books about films and television programs, as well as numerous comic books and translations of a number of animation screenplays. He usually collaborates with his wife, Randy Lofficier. Other books in the series. Doctor Who Reference Guides (5 books). Books by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier are award-winning comic-book writers and translators. They wrote several books about TV series and a French Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

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This indispensable guide first appeared over twenty years ago, and immediately established itself as the single, most important reference work about Doctor Who. "THE bible to an entire generation of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Andrew Pixley, Celestial Toyroom. Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier are award-winning comic-book writers and translators. They have also written scripts for television series such as The Real Ghostbusters and Duck Tales. Библиографические данные.

List of Doctor Who items. com Product Description (ISBN 0426201396, Paperback). The Doctor Who Programme Guide is the complete guide to every Doctor Who story shown on television.

This indispensable guide first appeared over twenty years ago, and immediately established itself as the single, most important reference work about Doctor Who. A real treat for Doctor Who buffs. David McDonnell, Starlog. It sits invaluably upon every fan's bookshelf and is a constant source of reference. Gary Russell, Doctor Who Monthly.

Books by Jean-Marc Lofficier, The Doctor Who programme guide, Tintin, Moebius Arzach PB, Shadowmen, Into the Twilight Zone, Despair, Phenix (Vol. 1), The Nth Doctor. Into the Twilight Zone.

Jean-Marc Lofficier (French: ; born June 22, 1954) is a French author of books about films and television programs, as well as numerous comics and translations of a number of animation screenplays. Lofficier", after the initials of both spouses. Jean-Marc and Randy were married the following year. it evolved organically in a mutually complementary working relationship  . Their first - The Doctor Who Programme Guide, published by W. H. Allen Ltd in 1981 - arose from their work for French magazine L'Ercran Fantastique. Jean-Marc Lofficier at the Comic Book DB.

Reviews: 7
Growing up with Doctor Who in the 70's and 80's, at a time before video and DVD, when repeats were rare and many stories only accessible through the novelisations, this Programme Guide almost became my Bible for the show, covering as it did a wealth of information about every episode from The Unearthly Child until the end of the Tom Baker era. This information included story codes, cast and credit lists and tantalising synopses of each plot. Now this sort of information exists in a thousand formats, from similar reference books to the vastness of the Internet, many of which sites point out the errors contained in the original and subsequent editions of the Programme Guide. But by virtue of it being one of the earliest books of its type, and maybe for reasons of nostalgia, I still find this book both an excellent source of information and also fun to read. From my dog eared (K9?) original edition, complete with my own handwritten pages for the Davison years, to the latest Kindle edition, Jean-Marc Lofficier's work remains as indispensible as ever.
The fourth edition of this book is a very useful & handy resource for fans of the show's original run (1963 to 1989 with the first seven Doctors and the 1996 movie with the eighth Doctor) as it provides all the essential information one needs to know of the episodes, including a brief plot summary; the names of a story's writer, director, producer, script editor, "regular" cast members, and "guest stars"; airdates; & whether or not a novel, script book, or videotape of the story has been released (no information is given as to DVD releases probably because the BBC is constantly cranking out new DVDs of hitherto "long lost" broadcasts - most of the original broadcast tapes of the first two Doctors' stories were "wiped" by the BBC for re-use, so the BBC Video department has had to obtain copies of these stories from overseas Doctor Who broadcasters and private collectors - in any event, if one wanted to know if a given story were on DVD, one only has to search for it here, at Amazon.com). Of course, there are a couple of other Doctor Who program guides on the market that go into the episodes in much greater detail, providing, for example, "behind-the-scenes" info, but if one were THAT interested in knowing everything about a given story, one need only check the BBC's own Doctor Who website to find what one is looking for (indeed, their website often quotes these very same guidebooks). For its simple, barebones purpose, THE DOCTOR WHO PROGRAMME GUIDE, FOURTH EDITION is more than adequate.
I've purchased all 4 editions of Jean-Marc Lofficier's book, and they don't disappoint. They are very detailed and informative about all the early years and programs of the original BBC Dr. Who series. I enjoyed, in the later editions, the lisiting of "the Missing Years" novelizations, as well as the books of "continuing travels". A well-written text for those who are not familiar with the early years.
This guide is cool in that you can read about all of the old classic episodes and maybe some which you have yet to see. This book covers up to the 8th doctor and is very complete in that it summaries the stories. If your looking for more than summaries than look else where. But for those who like to have a little guide to go with there doctor who collection than buy it or for those who have yet to buy the episodes to have a guide to the most interesting of classic doctor who.
I got the 1st versions (2 books) and the 2nd version ( 1 book.) Book 2 of the first was an index of the series until then. I heard this 4th version was an updating of the previous versions, But there was no index. (There may have been one in the 3rd version.) This one did list some of the radio shows. But the new Dr. Who encyclopedia (?) hardback had more info. So this was OK. Had I been able to look at it in a bookstore, I might not have gotten it. But you had it at a not bad price, and they didn't. So I can't complain too much.
This is my second copy of this. Very well done, a lot of good information. A really tremendous addition to the Whobrary.
This book has lots of good information, HOWEVER there are no cross references to the story numbers that are now used to identify the episodes. You have to be a very dedicated Dr Who fan to figure out which is which
It contains the information I was looking for.