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Author: Charlotte Greig
ISBN13: 978-1423403005
Title: Learn to Play Like the Guitar Greats: The Essential Guide to Chords, Equipment and Techniques
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Publisher: Hal Leonard (September 1, 2005)

Learn to Play Like the Guitar Greats: The Essential Guide to Chords, Equipment and Techniques by Charlotte Greig

Ever wanted to play like a famous guitarist? Now's your chance! This entertaining and . .

The Essential Guide to Chords, Equipment and Techniques (Learn to Play). Published September 1, 2005 by Hal Leonard Corporation. Biografía, Biography, Equipment and supplies, Equipo y accesorios, Guitar, Guitarists, Guitarra, Historia y crítica, History and criticism, Technique, Técnica.

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com: Learn to Play Like the Guitar Greats: The Essential Guide to Chords, Equipment and Techniques: Charlotte Greig: Your Store. elementlax, Mar 29, 2009. hi Andrew, since you already play guitar yourself, you'll recognize a good book when you see it. is there a music store close to you that may have something ? don't sell your son short. those little guys are pretty smart on their own. maybe a basic book of chords might be helpful. plus you playing with him. kids learn by example.

Posted from the UK, daily Authors : Greig, Charlotte. Play Guitar Like the Guitar Greats (Learn to Play). Title : Play Guitar Like the Guitar Greats (Learn to Play). Condition : Very Good. Product Category : Books. Read full description. See details and exclusions. See all 7 pre-owned listings. Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 2018-2024 Tab Music Book/audio Songs Exercises Tests.

The Essential Guide to Chords, Equipment and Techniques. With notes and tablature.

You will learn the scales and chords found in all rock and blues songs, and achieve the unique techniques that define them. Frequent practice exercises allow you to put your knowledge to work, while the audio examples help train your ear. The EverythingВ® Rock and Blues Guitar Book with CD also includes professional tips on: В·Inflection and phrasing В·Chord progression В·Alternate tuning, harmonics, and slide playing В·Transcription and ear training В·Equipment, such as electric guitars, straps, amplifiers, strings, and pedals

(Guitar Book). Ever wanted to play like a famous guitarist? Now's your chance! This entertaining and accessible guide to emulating the legends features: notation for more than 65 classic riffs from "Stairway to Heaven" to "Smells like Teen Spirit" * clear, step-by-step annotated photographs showing how to play each riff * full-color features on more than 30 artists, their guitars, and equipment * hints and tips from expert musicians. Color photos throughout the 256 pages of this book!
Reviews: 7
Like the other reviewer(s), I bought this based upon the title. Big Mistake.

The tabs/chords that are included are inadequate at best and useless at worst. They might have well just left them out, rather than waste my time with 2-3 _measures_ of the song. Who's brain-damaged idea that it is sufficient to only include a few measures of a song?

That being said, I enjoyed reading about the various artists. I don't mind that a tiny fraction of the best players were included -- to think that all of them should be included seems silly to me--such a book would be thicker than an Encyclopedia and cost hundreds of dollars. Of course no book will include all the artists that I think are important, unless I write it myself.

Either way, avoid if you want to "learn to play like the greats," consider if you want to learn _about_ the greats.
a couple of riffs per artist. Like the read, gives you some ideas of where they are coming from. Lots of stuff to think about.
This book does not make you a pro.Nor will it make pros better it's a book that supplies alot more factual information on guitars then it does playing skills.They break it down to rock and blues.Every so many pages it will show a new guitar hero and why they were big and their trade mark sounds and riffs.Even their guitar set ups and effects (very helpful if you are a David Gilmore person).It does teach you some chords ans some songs but mainly easy begginer chords or intros to songs.The musicians picked are fantastic but some make you wonder (why is Kurt Cobain or Jack White in their?.The biggest problem is theirs no Van Halen!They skip many good guitarist because they are not innovative Eddie Van HAlen was excluded why ? I have no clue or the matser of power chords...Angus Young.Though atleast the selection that is available in this book does portray many rock and blues staples.The song selection is decent and the tips to palying them are very helpful.A must have for a guitar lover or a begginer with high hopes of being in a book like this soem day.
7/11/2013 Unlike the 1 and 2 star reviewers, I thought this book was excellent in teaching how to listen to and emulate the greats. First, it emphasizes that certain types of equipment are needed. Next, it explains the great players frequently played using very simple notes.

If one has ever reviewed most beginners books, they talk about chord formation, riffs. These are mechanical issues that can be easily learned. But understanding how to get the tones is more subtle and difficult in learning.

Yes, only basic riffs and equipment discussions, but the book teaches well how to kind of get the tones desired from the basics.
This is a must-have book for anyone interested in the greatest rock guitarists of all time; the true innovators. If you're looking for insight into the giants of rock, and how they (generally speaking) plied their trade, then this is a valuable resource. If you're looking for second tier rockers (like Van Halen) who built on the true innovators in this book, or for the fringe (like Zappa, who is a great musician but not widely marketable or replicatable), then this is not the book for you. But for the education of young guitarists who don't know who invented the music their contemporary rock heroes are copying, this book is essential.

The book does not over-promise. It gives information on the artist, his equipment and style basics. Some riffs are there as well. It's a unique and useful book. If you want a specific artist's work in detail, that is readily available in sheet music. If you want to understand how Duane Allman made his Les Paul sound so incredible playing slide (and other rock-legend-specific techniques), get this book.
This should have been titled something different, like "the guide to some great guitar players from the last century". It's more a recreational reading book than an instructional one. That said it has some fun and interesting facts, some useful info, and doesn't dwell exclusively on rock guitarists. However, there are painful omissions of key guitarists, strange inclusion of others, the tabs are skimpy, and some are wrong, continuing the propagation of commonly incorrect ways to play riffs. Buy it for fun or as a nice coffee table book, don't buy it if you want to do what the title says. For that you really need 2 things most of all. Practice and talent.
So I picked up this book based on what it advertised (which, I realise, is what most people do when buying a book, but bear with me here) and I was let down to an unimaginable degree. This book, "Learn to Play Like the Guitar Greats" is totally misleading. If you are expecting to actually LEARN some guitar riffs, guess again. This book is more of an abridged guide to some (and buy some, I mean only a select few) of the greatest guitarists around. Or is it? For some reason, the extremely un-talented Jack Black of the White Stripes made it into this book, yet Eddie Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Tom Morello, Frank Zappa, Yngwie Malmstien, Randy Rhodes and Eric Johnson (to name only a few) were omitted. As for actual guitar riffs, the list grows shorter still. The book talks about some of the greatest guitar riffs written by Jimmy Page such as "The Song Remains the Same" and "Heartbreaker" as well as a look at his amazing double-neck SG, but when it comes to the guitar tab, we get a very weak selection of songs-"Kashmir" and "Stairway to Heaven"-both of which, like all the other tablature in this book, contain only the opening riffs. A better title for this book would have been "Learn About the Most Overplayed/Recognisable Guitarists and a Few Simple Riffs that They Wrote". In all seriousness (with my apologies to Amazon for discouraging the purchase of this book) I cannot stress enough what a waste of money this book is. I would have given this book a 0/5 rating, but apparently, that doesn't exist. Besides, how can you possibly take a book like this seriously if they claim the guitarist behind Black Sabbath is Tony Iommi (it's TOMMY, for those who weren't sure).