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Author: Bryan J. Kinnaird
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Hell Box by Bryan J. Kinnaird

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By December 2001 Sean had essentially completed work on the book and was in active discussions for publication. By 2002 the title had been changed to "Sean Delaney's Hell Bo. What was eventually published posthumously was a sparse 118-page work, which was Sean's work completed by Bryan J. It was vanity published via Xlibris in 2004. asp?bookid 24474 - Publisher's site for "Hell Box". shtml - information about Hellbox, Sean Delaney's biography

In 1966, a young hippie named Sean Delaney arrived in New York City and checked into the YMCA with only $2.98 in his pocket. Sean became one of the top ten record producers in the music industry, and was in part responsible for signing a little known band to their first six-month contract. The band was KISS, and the rest became history that has forgotten his presence. After years of exile, Sean Delaney, the self-proclaimed creator of theatrical KISS, comes forth thirty years after KISS first exploded onto the music scene and changed the face of rock & roll forever, to share his version of the story. HELLBO is Sean Delaney's journey; a journey versed in the trials of lucid mayhem that epitomized a radical lifestyle, and spanned over a broad spectrum of events that led to the creation of KISS. Through revelations of a fractured upbringing, gut wrenching hardships, and big dreams fulfilled, then lost in the irony of success; he survived it all and became the man that nurtured an uncontrollable rock & roll monster. HELLBOX tells of formidable betrayals and gives unique insight into a secret alliance that was quite possibly a conspiracy that corrupted the partnerships of the powers that originally guided KISS to superstardom. This is a story that dares to defy the myths that have been passed off as popularized truths in the history of the legendary band. Silenced no longer, the first Director of Rock & Roll delivers previously untold tales from behind the mystical veil that shrouds KISS, painting a fascinating and candid portrait that depicts the band's creation while it follows the life of Sean Delaney, one of the most enigmatic, and best forgotten legendary songwriters and record producers ever to work in the music industry. Littered with intimate trysts, explicit scenes from his own unabashed lifestyle and destructive relationships, Sean's story is an exposition for KISS fans and connoisseurs of biographies alike. HELLBOX chronicles the soul of a rebellious young man with a career filled with achievements. He spent the better part of his life searching for a sense of home, and an ideal relationship. The story of Sean Delaney mends damaging and apocryphal untruths that he claims have been published over the years for the consumption of devoted KISS fans. It finally gives voice to a collection of facts that have never been accounted for, and rewrites an erased volume of missing history, which was the void responsible for sending Sean into his self-imposed exile from the music industry for nearly fifteen years. Sean exposes his roller coaster ride through life, a life that traveled through a band called KISS. Sean's riveting account of a tragedy, marred by deception, proposes a theory that conspiracy may have rocked the behind the scenes business behind the business that became the most lucrative rock & roll dynasty in the history of music. Sean gives an uncustomary keen look into his past, and delves into the history of KISS, a history that has forgotten his presence. Now let history reflect that Sean Delaney was there. This is Sean Delaney's HELLBOX - his last and only authorized testament...
Reviews: 7
Sean Delaney was a lynchpin in the creation of KISS, and has been slowly, quietly deleted from the band's history. When Casablanca evaporated and Glickman-Marks allegedly stole his money, Delaney ended up broke and homeless. "Hellbox" was his attempt on beginning to set the legacy straight. Unfortunately, Delaney died in 2003 at the age of 58. His recorded conversations were then transcribed by Bryan Kinnaird.

The result is a mess of a book with some tantalizing details. Delaney pulls no punches, saving some of his harshest allegations for Neil Bogart and Howard Marks. He has a love-hate relationship with his former proteges, in particular, Gene Simmons. But the book is so thin (I read it in roughly two hours) and riddled with factual errors and typos, it becomes difficult to accept Delaney's accusations. For instance, he repeatedly refers to "Dressed to Kill" as KISS's second album, and even gets his own albums by The Skatt Brothers mixed up.

Part of this can be blamed on Kinnaird, who could have edited and corrected the most glaring errors (Janice Joplin for Janis, etc); that doesn't help ease the strain on Delaney's more incredible stories. On the other hand, Delaney's life and tales of 60's New York City are wonderful, as are the road trip stories with the newly (and not yet famous) minted KISS. It's nice to hear some of the KISStory from a perspective outside the band, and "Hellbox" adds a much needed chapter to that legacy.
It needs to be made clear that this is an incomplete book of a series of events in Sean Delaney's life. And therein lies the frustration of what could have been a fantastic insight into his life and his role in the development of Kiss. Firstly, is a very short book that can be read in one sitting. The first half is Sean's early life and the second an "over all too quickly" recount of being with Kiss in the early days. There are so many HUGE holes in the retelling and you wish he had gone into greater detail with his memories, but I guess you can only get what you get... I was hoping it would be so much more, but I sort of understand why it's not. For Kiss super fans only, if you need to complete the collection.
Firstly "Hellbox by Bryan Kinnaird" is a very confusing title for this book...this is bascially the autobiography of KISS collaborater Sean Delaney. Sean passed away before the book was finished and the story is pieced together by Bryan Kinnaird from interviews recorded with Sean. But the book is written in the first person, as if the autobiography of Sean...rather than a biography !

The biggest disapointment I have with the book was the size. This is a very short book which you will finish within just a couple of hours. Just over a hundred pages long, the book really just scratches the surface of the remarkable life that Sean had, or should that be - endured.

The first half of the book deals with his upbringing, coming to terms with his homosexuality and struggling from one dead end job and relationship to another.

The second half of the book covers his period as "life partner" of Bill Aucoin and his time in the seventies working for KISS.
Sean's life, and the story, basically ends at the time his relationship with Bill Aucoin ended, the 80's, 90's and 2000's are hardly touched on in this book.

Make no mistake, this is a very sad book by a man who feels his contribution to KISS has been largely overlooked. Whether you buy his argument or not - you can't help feel rather sympathetic to a man who had for the most part a desparately unfullfilled life.

An interesting read, but aside from Sean's personal life, a couple of interesting conspiracy theories, and his intended mission to murder Howard Marks, this book does not really offer much new information to the well-read KISS fan.

The book is overpriced for the size and offers only a couple of tiny pictures of Sean and none of KISS.

You may well enjoy reading this book - as I did - but ultimately I cannot recommend buying this book, when there are several far more interesting books on KISS ("KISS and Sell" by Chris Lendt, "Alive Forever" by Curt Gooch and Jef Suhs, and the Official biography "Behind the Mask") which all offer far better value for money, far more pages as well as photos.

Sean's story and contribution to KISS should certainly not be forgotten though.
After reading reviews already posted here, I was reluctant to purchase a copy of this book. However, being that I've been a Kiss fan for most of my life, I thought the book would add some dimension or new information to what I've known and read over the years.

In a nutshell: this book is far more about Sean Delaney, and far less about Kiss. There are some interesting and amusing anecdotes about Kiss, but for the most part this book covers Sean Delaney's professional and personal life. There are a few glaring "Kisstory" inaccuracies which may be resultant of the manuscript being passed on to Bryan Kinnaird for completion. I am assuming that Mr. Delaney had died before his book could be completed which may explain not only the book's length, the lack of promised photographs (based on interviews about the book that Mr. Delaney did, prior to his death), and the glaring omission of more of his history with Kiss (i.e. the Peter Criss solo album and its related drama). The story about how "Alive" was recorded is VERY interesting... is it "truth by omission" as Mr. Delaney states? Perhaps, and I would not be surprised if his story is the truth (personally, I suspect it is).

As a biography, the book is interesting. There are some funny moments, some heartbreaking, and some shocking (murder plots and conspiracy theories!). I did enjoy it overall, despite being light in Kiss content, and being a very short book. A bit costly considering its page-length, but this can be expected from a smaller publisher.
Sean Delaney had a bigger part in KISStory than he's been given credit for. Of course the man was a bit bitter. This book is interesting and a very touching true story about the destiny of a man coming from nowhere and all of a sudden get caught up in the big time. Recommended!