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Author: Mourad Boutros
ISBN13: 978-0976224556
Title: Arabic For Designers
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Language: English
Category: History and Criticism
Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher; First Edition edition (April 24, 2006)
Pages: 224

Arabic For Designers by Mourad Boutros

Great book for Arabic designers. Arabic calligraphy is very flexible and beautiful. with both talent and knowledge designers can create the smartest and most creative designs. Jun 16, 2007 Liz rated it liked it. Recommends it for: graphic designers. Fascinating to learn about the rules of Arabic hy and amusing to see examples of misuses & faux pas when Western corps incorporate Arabic in advertising campaigns for the Middle East. Coca-Cola, Nike, etc).

Arabic for Designers book. An introductory volume, the book presents a brief history of Arabic calligraphy and modern type design. Two chapters are devoted to typography and logotype design, followed by a substantial section of case studies that give real-world examples and the lessons learned from them.

Boutros has achieved more than just a beautiful book with this publication, however. He's reached across cultural boundaries with text that's missing in American history, social studies, and design books.

Boutros International, headed by Mourad and Arlette Boutros, has led the field of Arabic creativity, typography, calligraphy, and design for more than forty years. Since 1966, Boutros International has focused on meeting the latest technological requirements and the creative needs of the Arabic-speaking world. Its designers and technical experts are consistently at the forefront of new developments.

Mourad Boutros is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading Arabic designers. His company, Boutros International, has led the field of Arabic typography and calligraphy for more than forty years. Books that May Also Interest You.

Mourad Boutros is acknowledged as one of the world’s most outstanding Arabic calligraphers, designers and typographers. He is the author of the acclaimed books Arabic for Designers and Talking About Arabic. His recent projects include the launch of ‘Tanseek’, the first and only harmonious range of Arabic-Latin typefaces and a collaborative series of oil paintings that combine fine art with traditional Arabic calligraphy. Mourad and Arlette Boutros are the founders of Boutros International, which has led the field of Arabic creativity, typography, calligraphy and design for more than 40 years.

Suitable for designers unfamiliar with Arabic script. Using visual examples and case studies, this book takes the reader through the entire range of graphic design applications - newspaper and television news typefaces, book jacket designs, corporate and brand identity, logotype conversions, advertising, design for print and fine art. Key Features. Thames & Hudson Ltd.

Arabic for Designers. Whether the motive is global marketing or bridging cultures, more and more of today’s Western graphic designers find themselves working in Arabic. The book presents successful designs, many Boutros’s own, including case studies on the identity project for the Al Arabiya TV network and the redesign of the Pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat. The design gallery includes some traditional calligraphic compositions along with book covers, stamps, film posters, logos and branding and advertising, all presented with his insightful analysis. Although Arabic for Designers is not a how-to book per se, readers will find it a valuable and enlightening guide.

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A primer of over 200 illustrations that shows how to work with Arabic as a design tool.
Reviews: 7
This is a nice introduction to Arabic graphic design. But it is dated and the writing never delves deep into the work it covers.
Really beautiful book, and just in the nick of time. As an Arab American studying the Arabic language as my second language, and as a graphic designer/marketer by trade, it is as though the book was written just for me. It is good to see something like this which cuts through all of the nonsense and delivers the beauty our culture has to offer that the news media fails to display, and does so in a concise and useful manner. The author was able to give the western reader a glimpse of our culture using a medium that nobody would expect...visual design. A medium that is straight to the point, easy to quickly understand, and beautiful to the eye!!! Every designer should own this book - whether or not you plan to work with the language...
As I am learning to read and write Arabic, and now starting to do more designing in Arabic, this book is very valuable. Helpful for those of us who are designing with the Arabic alphabet. Gives plenty of examples and ideas.
This book is a must have if you're interested in calligraphy. It's amazing, full of wonderful designs and adaptations.
A report released on 6 June by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute finds that at a time of rapid globalization, most U.S. states don't even try to provide young Americans with a solid grounding in world history. That's why books like Arabic for Designers are more relevant than ever for designers to read and to absorb for today's globally competitive market. Arabic is now used in 23 countries and is spoken by over 300 million people. Although feelings about Arabic cultural integration may still be colored by events like 9/11, western businesses have sought to expand brand recognition to appeal to Arabic speaking people.

To that end, Arabic for Designers incorporates over 200 black and white and color examples of the best in Arabic calligraphy and graphic design. Beyond a current focus on design and advertising transitions, chapters also deal with historical backgrounds and cultural intricacies involved with the Arabic language and mindset. The focus is devoted to Arabic and Western Latin, or America and English-speaking Europe, but other global-reach advertising problems are included to expand on the difficult processes that are involved in cultural expansion and understanding.

The evolutions are universal, and the author notes this fact when he states that, "As the application of language change, so too does the identity of its speakers." This transition is visible in the examples of how the Arabic and Latin typography blend to create new cross-cultural designs, which are explained through text and illustrations that range from corporate products to fashion to fine art.

Mourad Boutros speaks from experience, as he has worked to combine traditional Arabic calligraphic techniques with the latest technology and materials for over forty years. Boutros has achieved more than just a beautiful book with this publication, however. He's reached across cultural boundaries with text that's missing in American history, social studies, and design books. After a designer reads this book, he or she will have an absolute advantage over anyone who attempts to understand the mysteries and beauty hidden within Arabic typography and culture.
Arabic for Designers is a much needed insight into the changing face of communication in the 21st Century. The author skilfully and tactfully offers the reader an insightful introspective on the need to recognise that the written word is as powerful symbolically as it is directional or explanatory. The political landscape being as it is, the book addresses key issues not just for the Arab speaking world, but also to western designers and the need to recognise the cultural and sociological effects of the influences each culture has on the other.

When raising important questions about cultural expansion and the need for greater understanding, the author highlights the issues with over 200 pictorial examples and demonstrates an astounding depth of knowledge and sensitivity to the Arabic mindset, whilst pointing out the need for those in the West to seek greater understanding of the historical and social imapct of the coming together of cultures.

It is the evolution of cross cultural design where the author comes into his own, highlighting exceptional examples of the hybrid of cultural communication, the pitfalls and successes, whilst at the same time offering caveats for the future, and insights into how and where new designers can create for a changing and demanding new world.

A highly recommended book, offering any designer a distinct advantage where one is creating communication patterns, with a changing and complex language.
Arabic for Designers is a necessary, practical and very timely book. Mourad Boutros puts so much of the recent mis-communications between the West and the Middle East in a broader cultural (and graphic) context. I've already given copies to American relatives and to a young Scot who is studying Arabic, so that they can understand not only the language but also the wider culture. My next gift will be to our well intentioned Pope, who should have read this sensitive, tolerant and beautifully produced book before his recent scholarly lecture in Germany.
Disappointing - lacks history, good and comprehensive graphics, in-depth explanations. Wish that I could have looked inside before I purchased.